Free Weight Sets

Free Weight Sets

We have a range of weight equipment and free weight sets. If you are interested in our new and used ranges, please get in touch with our team.

Weight Lifting Equipment

Weight Lifting Equipment

We supply a huge variety of weight lifting equipment for commercial gyms. Our products range in colour, weight and specification.

Professional Weights Sets

Professional Weights Sets

If you are interested in purchasing professional weights sets, we have a number of different weights available.

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Free Weights Set

We can offer a free weight set for commercial gyms, leisure centres and schools. There is a range of free weights which we have available including dumbbells and barbells. The different weights come in various specifications and all alter with regards to cost. If your gym is on a low budget, we would recommend our choice of second-hand fitness equipment. 

For more information on free-weights sets, please get in touch with our team and we can let you know about the different weights our suppliers have to offer. 


What are Free Weights?

Free weights are a type of weight that is used for weight lifting and muscle building. There are a variety of different free-weights including barbells, dumbbells and more. The great thing about free weights when compared to machines is that you are not constrained to specific movements. To find out more about the free-weights which we sell, please complete the contact box and we will get back to you.

Improving Fitness Weight Benches

If you'd like to enhance your fitness and health, signing up with a gym is a wonderful way to succeed in those goals. It might boost your physical fitness by giving access to a variety of machines and group workout classes. Most fitness gyms hire professional instructors who are there to provide reassurance while keeping your motivation high. Visiting the health club is often a time to socialise and join in workouts with friends or speak to other people who have comparable interests to yourself.

The benefits of signing up for a gym could depend on exactly what the individual is trying to get from their experience. The main thing which many people will try to achieve is improving their all-around health and well being through consistent exercise. Several types of exercise machines could be used throughout a workout to increase the user’s fitness levels.

Professional Gym Equipment

The two most regularly used sorts of exercise equipment are resistance and aerobic machines. These allow you to work out using natural body actions, or enable you to concentrate on unique elements of physical exercise. Community gyms, colleges and homes could all have various categories of training equipment. 

Aerobic activity is the term for exercise that involves or increases oxygen intake through the body. This has got several benefits to the heart and cardiovascular system in addition to being beneficial to general health. This kind of physical activity may include things like running, riding a bike and rowing.

These workouts are completed with moderate intensity for a longer period. To illustrate, running a good distance at a moderate pace is an aerobic activity, but sprinting will not be. A lot of pieces of equipment can be used in improving health and exercising your heart by this type of training session. The most prevalent items would be exercise bikes, cross-trainers and running machines which each come in a range of specs.


Weight Lifting Equipment

We can provide various weight lifting equipment for commercial gyms. The free weights that we have available come in several different colours, weights and specifications. For more details on our free-weights, please contact our suppliers by filling out our enquiry form. 

Alternatively, you may do an anaerobic activity to develop your power and build up your muscle tissue. Strength training is usually a well-known method to do this type of training. This is the process of resistance to muscle contraction to increase overall strength, anaerobic durability and size of skeletal muscles. To improve strength, resistance and weights are often used in this kind of activity. Resistance machines are typically available in health clubs along with free weight apparatus such as bar weights and dumbbells.

Benefits of Weight Lifting

Through doing more physical activity, you could get loads of benefits in terms of your fitness and health. You will make your heart more powerful, as well as enhance the power of your muscles and acquire improved mental health. These will be important in regards to leading a good lifestyle and strengthening your life quality.

To improve your health and fitness level, you'll find plenty of apparatus offered at a health club. Various facilities like this give a subscription which encourages you to go regularly. Other locations including fitness centres, universities and schools may sometimes have gym machines that are available to use by the general public.

Free Weights for Sale

We have several free weights for sale which you can buy. Our dumbbells and barbells come in many colours, sizes and specifications to suit individual needs and requirements. 

A lot of gym establishments will be developed with help from specialist advisors who can work to produce the most beneficial and pleasant atmosphere for members. People can then take full advantage of using the facilities and ensure they can use everything that they need.

Some of the more commonly used products include treadmills, rowing machines, stationary bicycles and dumbbells. These can each be altered to suit every single user and the form of workout they would like to achieve.

You could buy your very own products for use in your own home and create a personal facility with everything you want. While community fitness centres give a wide variety of high-quality gym machines, some individuals prefer to select a few pieces of equipment and create a bespoke home gym as an alternative.

For more information on buying a free weight set please contact our team and we will get back to you with details on costs and prices.

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